For my chemistry students I made an app to show them what an atom looks like in 3d. It’s an atom simulation of sorts. It’s called atom.sim. It’s available for Android and iOS.

AtomApp (or Atom.Sim) is nothing more than a simulation. It shows the first 18 atoms (up to argon) and the 3 isotopes of hydrogen in 3d models. Yoe can zoom in/out and rotate the atoms, you can use the slider to select another atom and you can switch written info about the atoms on and off. Also you can switch to the Real(ish) mode so can see just how empty an atom is.

The app has a small build-in help section (the ? button). It also has a banner ad section at the bottom. It is actually at a great spot. The chance of accidentally hitting the ad is very small.

Since the app is pretty straight forward in use I have no dedicated customer support section. The app and ConceptCraft uses no login and stores no information about any user. The ad provider might store info but that is beyond the influence of ConceptCraft. If there are question about the ap, please leave them on this page.

Now there’s a second app for chemistry students. It’s name is “Chemistry: practicing formulas and names” (Play Sore & App Store). The app can be set to English or Dutch language. Other languages will be added in the future.

This app can be used to practice making formulas and names for salts and molecules.

You don’t need any inlog or provide any personal data to use this app. There are ads in the app.